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Leroi Tedford

(As Presented By Bob Rodgers)
I did not know Leroi until late in his life. He died a relatively young man, in his early retirement years, when cancer won a lengthy battle. His wife had also died of cancer a year earlier.

Leroi was also one to lay claim to being a founder of the Nova Scotia Pigeon Association. He started the "Fall Classic" poultry and pigeon show with Bun Hollingsworth. Leroi first published a "Maritime Focus" Newsletter, then as interest dropped off, he turned it into a Newsletter for the Nova Scotia Pigeon Association until illness forced him to give it up.

Upon his death, Labour Day 1997, I was asked to take over the Newsletter. Leroi was almost obsessed with improving the hobby. He often lamented that we had so few "Breeders" in Atlantic Canada, just what he called "String men".

He urged me to take the hobby forward. We planned to publish an all pigeon newsletter which I had proposed a year earlier. He gave his full support, and it was to be called the "Atlantic Pigeon Journal". This led to the formation of the Atlantic Pigeon Breeders Association which officially started in 2000. The Journal became their association's official Newsletter.

Leroi spent many years breeding Old Dutch Capuchines, but it was the West Of England Tumblers that took his fancy in later years. A memorial trophy is offered at the "Fall Classic" in his name for Champion W.O.E. Tumbler, which I won the first year. Unfortunately that breed has all but died out since.

Leroi spent ten years living in Cape Breton, NS, and was well known and liked by fanciers there! He served in the second World War. He is survived by three children, if my memory serves me correctly. His son Robin kept the communication going between Leroi and other fanciers when it became impossible for him to meet with them in person.

Leroi was a gracious person who almost single handedly kept the pigeon fancy in Nova Scotia, and the Fundy Pigeon Club going during the the seventies and eighties.

Just before his death, he gave me a copy of J.C. Lyles' "Fancy Pigeons" published in England in the late 1800's and still in mint condition. I will treasure it for the rest of my life and hopefully pass it on to yet another younger fancier.

Upon his death, his loft was still completely set up with clean bedding in readiness for birds, should he win the battle.

(As Presented By Dave MacPhee)
In the central part of Nova Scotia, or for that matter, all over the Maritime Provinces he was the driving force behind everyone that had an interest in pigeons. He was always arranging trips with a few other fanciers to visit others who had or were interested in pigeons.

He usually would keep one breed for a number of years and improve it, then would go on to another breed, consequently his knowledge and interest in all types was very wide and expert.

He was always willing to give birds, along with advice and assistance, to anyone who was interested. Leroi was the originator of the Fall Classic and worked long and hard, year after year, to keep it going.

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