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Harry Storey

(As Presented By Bob Rodgers)
I may be one of the few fanciers still alive who remembers Harry Storey.

He resided in Halifax and was a well liked and respected Judge of Fancy Pigeons when I was just a boy of nine or ten. Harry specialized in one breed - African Owls. This would be the second breed for my father to buy for me and I struggled to hand-feed young birds with no idea of how to do it except to use rollers as foster parents. Harry said to me , "I'll let you in on oneof my little secrets - first you chew the grain up well in your mouth , then line the squeakers up in front of you on a table, and let them feed from your mouth while using your tongue to push the mush into their mouths"

Now , I loved my African Owls , but there was no way that I was going to do that ! Thank God for Pigeon Pellets!

Harry taught me how to catch birds , how to use what he called the "Hawk Hold" and then the traditional hold. He said that I had a great eye for a good bird and that I should judge some day. I judged my first show at the age of seventeen.

Harry always dressed in a gray suit and neck tie. Over this he always wore a trench coat and Dip Hat. He was quiet and gentle in his manner and when he judged , he would literally talk PIGEON talk to the birds , and they responded.

I would have to say that he had the most profound influence on me of any of the early fanciers in my life.

He became a close friend to one of my aunts where they spent their last years in a nursing home in Halifax.

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