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Bob's Pigeon Genetics Project #1

Patterned Spread

Original Sooty Dun Barred Pair ~ Full Siblings.

Left is one of their sons

Right is his son
out of his above dam

Pattern Spread Dun Bar
(Light Form)

Third generation of a "Dun Barred" phenotype that when mated to Blue barred or blue checkered birds , produces only "black" offspring. This unusual trait was first reported by Dr. Lester .P. Gibson of Plains Ohio. He had two such birds in 70+ years . They were both of Sooty Dun Barred phenotype and homozygous for (S) Spread Factor.

The photos here are a portion of a flock of fifteen of these birds bred by Bob Rodgers. The complete character of this gene or genes is not yet understood. It appears to be the result of two or more components of the (Ts) "Toy Stencil" complex working in such a way that the "Wing Pattern" is always visible and the coarse Spread is not affected .This appears also to be linked to the Barred Pattern in particular. Bronze appears in the bars of a few. Bob has both an Intense ( Black / black barred) phase , and a (dilute Dun Barred ) phase . The Dun barred birds are either a dark (brown-like) shade or a lighter (silver-like) shade. Some may not be (S). In tests to date , black/black barred mated to Spread blue/blacks have produced three to one, black barred blacks v/s Spread Blue/blacks.

Blacks can be produced in a variety of ways usually involving : Dirty , Sooty , and Smoky factors in the absence of Spread . This does not appear to be the case with the majority of these.....

To date it appears to be a Dominant Autosome.

This Intense phase is a full sibling to the pair at the top of this page .Below are photos of two of his youngsters from a Dominant Opal Blue Check.

The first is a Solid black hen , the second is a Barred Black cock that has moulted out to show the bar pattern more distinctly. ( pseudo black , or Spread Blue showing pattern) ??

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