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Allan Knodell

(As Presented By Bob Rodgers)
We know of no other pigeon fancier in Atlantic Canada whose history in the hobby and whose overall influence on other fanciers is greater than that of Allan Knodell.

His involvement began as a boy in Halifax City and unfortunately we have no record of the adults of that time who may have been an inspiration to him. He used to recall back to as far as 1910, and the first Nova Scotia Pigeon Association is believed to have been formed as early as that date.

Allan Knodell
In one of his lofts

Allan remained a bachelor all of his life of one hundred years. He had four large barns on Oxford Street in Halifax where he kept many hundred pigeons. He liked a wide variety of breeds but probably favored the Fantails. He would be quick to tell you "standard" Fantails as he believed that if it's head did not rest back on a cushion, it was NOT a fantail! Other breeds he enjoyed were Racers, Magpies, Archangels, Full Head Swallows, Nuns, Polish Highfliers, as well as a few more.
Allan judged at many shows and rarely missed any as both an exhibitor and a very attentive spectator. He loved to get as close as possible to the action, much like one would expect at a golf tournament. He treated everyone as friend and equal, even the juniors.

Allan brought all of his pigeon feed and grit in from Ontario and sold it by the pound to fanciers. He sold and purchased birds throughout the Atlantic region and few did not have some of his birds in their lofts.

Allan worked as an electrician. He was in the army, but because he was a gentle and basically timid person he said his commanding officer took care to assign him to office duties. Allan kept meticulous records, sold CPFA bands and knew the numbers of most of his birds by heart, and could trace down the owner of a bird in minutes.

Despite failing eyesight at a relatively early age, he continued with his birds without help until he was about eighty-five.

He was, as mentioned, the founder of the NSPA, then joined the "Maritime Fur & Feather Association", which I started in the late 1950's, then he merged his NSPA with the new NSPA which Leroi Tedford started in Truro , which merged five years later, 1975, with the also named NSPA started by Rev. Calder Fraser and Ron Rogerson in the Annapolis Valley. The Association still exists today.

Most of the trophies won by Allan over the years are kept by the NSPA.

Always a good sport and a perfect gentleman, Allan was also one of these earlier days people who was never seen without a dress shirt and tie. He even dressed that way when working in his lofts.

Allan was totally blind the last years of his life. I and other fanciers wrote to him and the staff read the letters to him at the nursing home.

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