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Pat Kidney (Honest "P")

(As Presented By Bob Rodgers)
Most of you will not remember Pat Kidney, having started in the hobby in more recent years. If you were involved with pigeons in Nova Scotia prior to 1975, then you had to have had your life touched by this colorful character!

Pat Kidney

The following was sent to me by his grandson.

"Pat Kidney was a keen judge of fine pigeons. He had many different pigeons at his home in Fairview. He raised them for sale and for show , at the Atlantic Winter Fair in Halifax in the fall.

He often traded with other pigeon dealers in Nova Scotia. He imported his pigeons from Upper Canada. The selection of pigeons was better to pick from there. He won many awards and trophies at the Atlantic Winter Fair in Halifax. He passed away November 5th, 1975."

(Additional by Bob Rodgers)
I would like to add to this tribute as I personally knew Mr. Kidney when I was A little boy. He often came to my home to buy, sell or trade birds. You never knew what he was going to pull out of a box or old burlap bag.

If you asked him what happened to the last bird he got from you , he would tell you that it went "Up The Line". Now that meant that he traded it with some other fancier up or down the province of Nova Scotia, or as I learned when I got a little bit older, it could mean, they went into "pigeon pie"!

Pat always had a smile on his face and a devilish twinkle in his eye. He most always had a story to tell you about himself that got everyone laughing.

He was apt to even cut loose with a bit of "Step Dancing" and could click his heels even at an older age.

One of Pat's buddies was the now deceased Fred Kehoe. They both kept pigeons but were also very much involved in the Standard Bred Race Horse hobby. Pat knew horses like no one else I've ever met. Pat always had a stem pipe hung over his lip even when not lit. He developed lip cancer which spread to his brain and ended his life.

Pat specialized in Black and Dun Laced Satinettes. He had some of the best to be found anywhere. There are a few pictured above in one of his outdoor cages.

Pat also had poultry and took pride in a Standard Bred Barred Rock rooster. He would not sell or trade him for any amount. One day he made a trade for a pair of ferrets. That very night, they wriggled out of their cage and killed his prized rooster. We heard shortly afterwards that they "went up the line"! .......Honest!

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