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Calder Fraser

(As Presented By Bob Rodgers)
My first contact with Rev. Fraser was in the early fifties when as a teenager, I was showing mainly Lahores and African Owls. One day I returned from school to find a large Red Lahore cock and a Lavender hen in my loft. Calder had decided to give me this pair to mate to my existing stock. The first youngster I raised won many prizes and Calder made me feel extra good by saying that this Lavender Cock was exactly what he had been trying to breed for years.

The blood of his stock still runs in the veins of my stock and that of many Lahores in Nova Scotia.

Calder judged at many shows and was well versed in the standards of his day for Poultry, Waterfowl and Pigeons. He was also a very knowledgeable horse breeder and many foals from his favorite broodmare were purchased as show jumpers by top stables in Ontario.

Rev. Calder Fraser's life with the Church required that he perform all the regular duties of a clergyman. The story often fondly told is of one morning at the graveyard, where Calder was officiating over a burial. A hush was evident over the crowd, when this loud "cock-a-doodle-ooo" sang out. You guessed it, ...from the trunk of Calder's car. He was on his way to or from a show!

Calder was a frail and gentle man who suffered from illness and some tragic events in his life. One of his sons was crippled by a car accident, and nearly killed.

He touched the lives of many, many people in our Fancy. The Nova Scotia Pigeon Association was in part created by him. They offer a Memorial Trophy for Champion Lahore Pigeon in his name,which I have been fortunate to win along with Barry McPhee, and others. Wayne & Ryan Ward had a flock of Calder's Lahores up to about 1990, when they were purchased by Tim Johnson. I purchased several from Tim to reintroduce the blood to my flock.

Calder passed away in a nursing home after a lengthy illness.

(As Presented By Dave MacPhee)
He is remembered for his willingness to work and help with any assignment given him. He raised some of the best birds around.

He was always there to help young people and was a very good and active contributor to all our shows.

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